Philosophy from some one who can't spell Austrailia


being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this

Michael’s experience with jason pt. 1

Michael = KetchupKitty Jason = J.D.         Jason and michael were cuddling in bed. Michael stroked jason in all the right places. The tension was now high, as jason was squeezing michael’s thigh.Im fucking Dr. suess. Michael enjoyed being groped like this. Jason went further and removed michael’s pants while michael thought about why Propel isnt carbonated. Michael could feel jason’s finger going deep. michael felt the finger leave, and something come in. Jason thrusted back and forth as michael held on to the sheets, taking in the pleasuring pain. Jason was just about to cum when suddenly shrek popped in the window. shrek pulled out and ak-47 and aimed it at jason. “THIS IS MY SWAMP” Then, twilight sparkle’s “horn” burst through shrek’s broad chest. twilight’s dick was throbbing and hunky. michael and jason ran over to please twilight sparkle. jason fingered while michael sucked. then, nicholas cage and shaq broke down the wall and came in. shaq decapitated twilight and the cage threw a cake at jason. Michael was confused, but then shrek stood up, for he was immortal.wreck it ralph fell through the roof, ready to fight shrek. “FOR 4CHAN!” shrek screamed     “FOR DRUGGED SUBREDDITS!” cried wreck it ralph. then ran at eachother and kissed. it was beautiful. their lips locked and tongues danced. shrek whipped out his big wang when all of a sudden jealous spongbob chopped of shrek’s dick with a box-cutter. Shrek grew a new dick and the dick grew a body. the 2 shrek’s and ralph raped spongebob to the point of death. Ryu then quickly shoved his large p3n15 up jason’s asshule and screamed “HADOUKEN!” The cum wnet out extremely rapidly. I flew through jason’s ears and eye sockets. michael  sat down and drank a propel. “I wish it was carbonated”


I think im going to write erotic fan fict.ion for a living

My brother says he’ll teach me his ways.


Shrek is love, Shrek is life

Авокадо любовь, Авокадо жизнь. Авокадо должны принести мир и свободу для всех. Права на геев, права на бедных. Права на праведных!

Basic Bitches. Basic Bitches Everywhere. They cometh flocking and raiding our “precious” Starbucks.

i will travel across the webs, searching far and wide. Each tumblr post to understand, why they’re so much fanfic in my life

if my family knew of my homosexuality some would shun me and it would feel terrible and if i cut them out of the picture not much of a family would be left and I ball up this frustration and take it out on random people on the internet but when I go on tumblr and read fanfiction about Obama and Spongebob I know everything will be ok. Thanks Tumblr


Three sessions later, I still have the best-named Argonian. 


Three sessions later, I still have the best-named Argonian.